Best Car, Truck And Suv Rankings

This week, Consumer Reports released its latest list of the top cars on sale in the US. The venerable consumer publication picked out 10 cars – all representing different segments of the auto market – for its Top Picks list. In order to become a Consumer Reports Top Pick, a vehicle must prove to be outstanding all-around performers – living up to the publication’s stringent road testing, exhibit solid reliability, safety, and consumer satisfaction.

Compact: Chevrolet Cruze

Price As Tested:$23,145 Why It’s Here: By beating out the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla, the Chevy Cruze climbed one heck of a mountain to take the top spot in this segment. The CR staff praised the Cruze for its quiet cabin, smooth ride, generous feature content, and a powerful yet frugal turbocharged engine.

Compact Hybrid: Toyota Prius

Price As Tested: $27,323 Why It’s Here: The Toyota Prius has long been a stand out for its stellar fuel economy, but the frugal hybrid proves to be more than just a money-saving device. The publication was impressed by the new generation Prius’ improved ride, quieter cabin, better driving dynamics, and a comprehensive suite of standard safety features.